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Membership Conditions

  1. Members must have a valid email address to sign up to Club Dendy.
  2. Members are eligible for a 25% discount on all standard, Premium Lounge and Dendy Lounge member tickets. Separate discounts may apply for 3D sessions, special events, Dendy Arts, festivals, and Outdoor sessions.
  3. Members get 50% off standard member tickets for them and their guest every Monday. Includes Dendy Lounge, and Premium Lounge sessions. Excludes Public Holidays and Outdoor Sessions. Separate discounts may apply for 3D sessions, special events, Dendy Arts, and festivals.
  4. Member discount and benefits can only be redeemed upon presentation of your membership card at the box office or by logging in to your Club Dendy account online. Member benefits only apply to member tickets.
  5. Members may bring 1 guest to the same film session at the applicable member discount for their category. Guests are required to provide a valid concession card to receive Senior / Student member discounts.
  6. Members may bring any number of children to the same session at the Child Club member discount. Children must be aged 14 and under and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  7. Club Dendy has three memberships status levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum which is determined by the number of visits within a rolling 12 month period. Silver members must visit 6 times within 12 months to attain Gold Status. Gold members must visit 6 times within 12 months to retain Gold Status or visit 12 times within 12 months to attain platinum status. Platinum members must visit 12 times within 12 months to retain platinum status.
  8. Members can only earn points on member tickets. Members do not earn points on non-member tickets. Members can redeem 10 points for a $1 Standard Ticket. Members can redeem 20 points for a $1 Dendy Lounge, Premium Lounge or Outdoor Ticket. Points cannot be used on 3D sessions, special events, Dendy Arts, and preview screenings. Members can redeem their points at any time before their points expire. Points earning capacity varies between member status levels. Points are not earned on $1 tickets.
  9. Members receive a discount on Candy Bar items excluding alcohol, Dendy Premium Lounge and Dendy Lounge cinema menus. Candy Bar discounts vary per status level, Silver Status receives 10% discount on Candy Bar items, Gold Status receives 12.5% discount on Candy Bar items and Platinum Status receives a 15% discount on Candy Bar items.
  10. Members can earn a $1 Birthday Ticket on their birthday. Members must have their birthday saved to their profile and a valid email address to receive a $1 Birthday Ticket. Birthday tickets cannot be used in Dendy Lounge, Premium Lounge and Outdoor sessions. $1 Birthday tickets cannot be backdated or extended.
  11. Membership fees are strictly non-refundable. Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of joining.
  12. Membership cards are available at the box office. For all online purchases, members will be required to pick up their Club Dendy member card at the box office. Membership cards are not transferable and are subject to signature ID. All membership cards remain the property of Dendy Cinemas.
  13. You can renew your membership online by singing into your Club Dendy account or at any Dendy Cinema. Members must renew before the expiry date to access the discounted price and $1 ticket incentive. To enable auto-renewal, you will need to add a valid credit card to your account and select the auto-renew button.
  14. Dendy Cinemas reserves the right to revoke access privileges for all membership types should misconduct and / or abuse of membership privileges be found. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to; the resale of membership cards, membership benefits and discounts or movie tickets; the use of the card by persons not named on the membership; suspected excess usage of the card as a result of non-personal use; suspected purchase of excess Candy Bar and other discounted items as a result of non-personal use and / or commercial or private resale.
  15. All information is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change without notice.


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