The Koalas

A film by Gregory Miller and Georgia Wallace-Crabbe. On the East Coast of Australia, where ancient forests meet the urban fringe, koalas are facing unprecedented challenges. The Koalas sheds light on a disturbing truth: the very entities entrusted with safeguarding our natural treasures are contributing to the demise of these emblematic creatures. The Koalas takes audiences on a journey into the lives of individual koalas, led by charismatic characters - Wonnie, Bexley, Tom, Baz, Coral and adorable joeys Hope and Pala. As these stories unfold, we witness the unique characteristics of koalas, their bond with their young, and the wildlife carers they come into contact with. These seven emerge as ambassadors for all koalas facing threats to their ongoing survival. Why is the koala facing extinction when governments are announcing new strategies to protect them? Scientists identify the main culprit behind the alarming drop in koala populations is habitat loss. How is the destruction of habitat being allowed to escalate at unprecedented rates? Are environment laws so weak that they can’t protect threatened species? In southwest Sydney, a key koala colony lies in the path of a proposed housing development. In Victoria, where the land was cleared earlier than in other states, translocated koalas persist in plantations, but what happens when the plantations are harvested? Where can the koalas go? The film celebrates resilience in the face of the challenges and invites audiences to become catalysts for change. It resonates with a powerful message: if we can’t (or won’t) save this iconic native species what does it say about us and our own future?DocumentaryPT1H34MG2024-06-20
Gregory Miller
Gregory Miller
Georgia Wallace-Crabbe
The Koalas"The Koalas"


July 18, 6:15 pm

Dendy Canberra