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We've made some exciting new changes to the Dendy website and simplified our Club Dendy program.

Dendy Website

We have migrated to a new system with a brand new website. It may look similar but with some great new improvements which will make it easier to navigate.

Accessing Your Account

When you first visit the new website, you will need to reset your password to access your account with the following steps:

- Click on the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the new Dendy website

- Select "REGISTER",


- Type in your email and click “SEND EMAIL TO CLAIM ACCOUNT”,

- You will be sent an email with instructions to set your new password.

Club Dendy Discounts

We’ve simplified our Club Dendy discounts. Members will now receive 25% off all standard and Dendy Lounge tickets for them and a guest (excluding Dendy Arts & Special Events). Dendy Arts & Special Events tickets will have different discounts applied.

Member Mondays

We know our members love Member Mondays, so we’ll continue to offer Half Price Mondays for Members and their guests. Member Monday discount will be 50% off all standard and Dendy Lounge tickets (excluding Dendy Arts, Special Events & Public Holidays).

Status Tiers

Whether you’re Silver, Gold or Platinum, your status will migrate over to the new website. The only change we’ve made is that your Status Tier will be calculated on a rolling 12-month basis. You will continue to earn the same level of points and candy bar discounts that you’ve been enjoying.

Reward Tickets

You will continue to enjoy reward tickets such as $1 Birthday Ticket and redeem points for $1 Standard & $1 Premium tickets. Points will now be redeemed on the checkout page.

Membership Fees

We will continue to offer 12-month memberships for only $18. We have removed the 2-year membership option.

Membership Auto-Renewal

We now have auto-renewal to ensure your membership does not expire and that you receive the 10% renewal discount, $1 Renewal Ticket and preserve all your rewards.

To enable auto-renewal, you will need to add a valid credit card to your account. Rest assured this is totally secure, as your credit card details are not visible by anyone in our system.

If you don’t wish to renew, you can cancel the auto-renew at any time before the membership expiry date.

Payment Methods

We now have Apple Pay & Google Pay payment methods available for online purchases.

Buying Tickets

When logged into your Club Dendy account, please ensure you select your MEMBER TICKET before selecting additional. Your MEMBER TICKET is used to calculate your member benefits such as points and visits to determine your Tier. Other tickets do not attract points or visits.

Your MEMBER TICKET will default to ADULT user class. To choose another ticket type, simply click on the dropdown menu. Please note that Senior & Student ticket purchases will require valid ID to be shown at the cinema.

If you would like to change your default USER CLASS to SENIOR or STUDENT please follow the steps in the next section.

Please note that tickets purchased in the old system are still valid and you just need to show your ticket or booking confirmation upon arrival at the cinema. Tickets from the old system will not show on the new website dashboard. You will see your points transaction history on your dashboard which will include the transaction date.

Cancel or Modify Bookings

You can now modify your bookings online by cancelling your booking up to 30 minutes before the session time. Booking cancellations will apply a credit to your Dendy account. You can then use your credit to make another purchase at any time.

Only tickets purchased in the new system can be cancelled.

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Membership Dashboard

Membership Tier is calculated on a rolling 12-month basis. The section on the left displays information relating to the last 12 months:

Total Visits: this is how many times you have visited in the last 12 months which determines your current tier.

Total Tickets: this is the total number of tickets you have purchased.

Total Movies: this is the total number of movies you have seen.

Total Days: This is how many days you have been a member.

Days Left: This is now many days are left before your earliest visit is set to expire which many change your tier.

The dashboard also shows how many visits are required to attain the next level


The section on the right displays information relating to your points and credit:

How many points you currently have (please note unused points expire after 12 months).

How much credit you currently have from previous booking cancellations.

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The Dendy Cinemas team.

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